Taco Bell Design

Making the In-House the Fun-House.

Working at Taco Bell Design, I’ve helped shape the voice and image of the brand while bringing conceptual products to life. An already expressive, creative brand certainly helps when pushing the boundaries of what a Quick Service Restaurant can be and look like. My time at TBD has led me to building retail collections, designing food trucks, re-thinking restaurant interiors and exteriors, developing packaging systems, and crafting the identity and experience of the biggest expression of the brand in it’s history—The Bell hotel.

Currently leading a small team and having fun with shaping the visual tone of the brand through social media.
Art Direction, Design, Prop Styling

Chris Ayres, Jess Kirkman, Renee Bones, Zo’e Cole, Courtney Pettaway, Madison Brooks

Taco Bell launched it’s first ever summer retail collection. 

Commercial bumper designed and animated for use on lifestyle networks.

Inspired by split-fountain printing, I revitalized thistouring food truck with cheeky posters and illustration.

The Live Más Student Section provides students with prime seating tickets at their college football games.
I helped design and direct the fabrication of the first ever Live Más Student Section trophy that was awarded to the student section who shows up and shows out with the most spirit

Art direction and editing for the launch of the Toasted Cheddar Chalupa. 

📸 Renee Bones

Art direction and editing for the release of this spooky season’s Freeze.

📸 Renee Bones

Art direction and editing for this spicy southwest remix of the beloved Nacho Fries.

📸 Zo’e Cole

Apparel design and direction for Taco Shop’s Summer ‘18 Collection

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