Winston Elliott is a multidisciplinary designer and artist influenced by joy.

Sincerely expressing feelings, ideas, and stories has been at the core of my creative endeavors for the majority of my life. I found my passion for this through dance and choreography. Design for me is not too dissimilar from choreographing: I plan, I experiment, I implement, and I hope to shift thinking through my work.

Among many things, design is capable of providing a voice and representation to those who are incapable of utilizing or creating their own. Realizing and understanding the magnitude of importance that design has in our world is a responsibility I take to heart. As someone who once struggled to find their voice and identity, I now have the privilege and capabilities of utilizing my skills as a multidisciplinary designer to create positive change in this world. Through studying and exercising efforts of understanding humanity, diversity, and the power we hold, designers can shift thinking and make a long-lasting impact in our cultures and communities.

If I'm not behind my computer, you'll most likely find me drinking an iced coffee (with light soy) or hanging out with my bird, cats, and or dog. Or
all of the above



Red Bull
Taco Bell
Hoodzpah Design Co.
Anaheim Ducks
Pleaser Shoes USA
Jio Health
Sherman Library & Gardens

2018 - ETHOS Award

2017 - Gold Award of Excellence

2017 - Silver Award of Excellence

Communication Arts
2017 - Type Annual

2016 - Advertising Design

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